Program of Disabled People Support and Employment

2021-2022 are announced to be the years of the improvement of disabled people lives. Our team decided to make it our slogan and started a new project to support disabled people with the equal and legal rights.

We believe that providing jobs, supplying the working places with the essential equipment for disabled people will help not only them and their families but also will provide the additional working places and thus improve the economic situation in the country. Because of the warfare in Ukraine, the military disabled people need a special attention. It is necessary for them to know that they protect their country and their country protects them. We are going to take the principals of our German partners as a basement for our project.

The level of employment, social protection and responsibilities of disabled people in Germany is the highest in Europe. We’ve already started to cooperate with German veterans’ trade unions, German Ministry of Social Policy and funds of disabled people supporting. We are ready to implement the program of improving the social conditions and welfare of disabled people.