Reforming of the Judicial System

One of the main reasons of our fund creating was to help reform the Judicial System of Ukraine. It will help to provide social justice not only to the country in general but to each citizen as well. To make positive changes we cooperate and negotitate with the main legal institutions such as The High Anti-Corruption Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Higher School of Judges, the Academy of the Prosecutor's Office, the Kyiv Court of Appeal and the others.

We suggest to take the best international principals as the basement for the successful, fair and honest judicial system. International cooperation with Prosecutor General's Offices and Ministries of Justice in Germany, Chile, Norway, the UAE and the USA will provide essential changes for Ukrainian Judicial System. Our fund gets support and receives the necessary expert consultations from such international organizations as UNO, USAID, European Council, Human Rights Watch and the others.