Cooperation with JuniorZ
We support the initiative to improve the physical activity and health of the youth in Ukraine. It begins at school in PE lessons. Our aim is, first of all, to stimulate the teachers not to be afraid of the changes and motivate them to create new approaches to the creating of the new system of physical upbringing. That's why together with the movement of Oleksandr Pedan JuniorZ we support the initiative to reform the PE lessons at Ukrainian schools.

The team of this project travels around Ukraine and tries to show the Ukrainian students that PE lessons might not be boring and to help teachers to change their attitude to the students. The main demands to the sport activities that we promote are that they should be contactless, non-traumatic, gender equal (both boys and girls can play all the games) and inclusive.

Our fund provides the additional prizes in the competitions supported by the movement. They are prize money and educational trips abroad where the winners can visit the Olympic town in Germany, meet the famous sportsmen and find out about the main principals of physical upbringing in Germany.