The International Organization of Social Justice
A charitable foundation that initiates reforms in the judiciary and the economy, the implementation of which forms the stability of the social and financial sector of Ukraine. It also creates projects for culture, education, health care
Builds international cooperation with other countries in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and the USA.
To provide social protection for Ukrainians, improve functions in the legal, economic, and cultural spheres, based on successfully implemented experience abroad, as well as spread knowledge about the history and promote Ukrainian culture in different parts of the world.
International Organization of Social Justice
Statement of the Fund founder Nadiia Ratke
The history proves that even the most developed countries cannot solve all social problems of the society.
But the experience of these countries proves that there are effective and approved methods, ideas, mechanisms to implement the modern cases in different spheres – from legislative to cultural, which can help to solve the important problems, fill the gaps and raise the level of social justice.
Cooperation with powerful international organizations, governmental projects in many countries and UN pushed me to create a certain program to improve some spheres in Ukraine. I'm trying to implement it with the help of my colleagues and partners in the Fund of Social Justice.
Why is a social justice the key point of our project? Because this problem was the most important issue in all my career projects in many directions. My previous experience in educational, agricultural spheres, mass media and politics of Ukraine, Germany, UAE, Chili let me gain and improve the skills of creating communicative strategies for social projects implementation.

The most important achievements from my previous experience are cooperation with the countries of Near East, particularly of Saudi Arabi, UAE, Quatar and the others. I helped to establish the contacts between Ukraine and Near East in educational, agricultural spheres. I also took part in various regional UAE charity projects, initiated by local governments and cooperated with International Humanitarian City which is the biggest world operations centre that helps both in emergency and in a long-term support programs.

The visits to EU parliament, UN conference in Geneva, various international summits and forums inspired me to organize my own Fund.
I also had the opportunity to cooperate as an adviser with the representatives from Ukrainian government. My previous experience in foreign cases made it possible to suggest new strategies for Ukrainian development and its being consistent with the international standards, particularly in legal system.

Thanks to my mission in UN in Geneva and in New York office, I can look at the problems from another point of view. It helps me to understand the general social needs of the people (especially children) in the world and the ways to provide them. My experience in charitable educational projects, in helping children with special needs and my cooperation with international charitable organizations helps a lot, too.

I think that the term "social justice" is the key point of the democratic society. The main purpose of creating my Fund was to reform the Judicial branch in Ukraine thus all the Ukrainians can defend their legal rights in the independent courts.

As soon as we started our work it turned out that establishing of social justice is not only about reforming of the judical system. That's why along with this issue we've added other projects which are important for the welfair of Ukrainian people. We've already succeseded in various educational, cultural and touristic projects, health programs. We cooperate with Ukrainian Government about the improving of legal and economical systems, colleborate with public and charitable organizations, support museums and other state cultural institutions, help to spread and promote Ukrainian culture and traditions abroad.

It's only a part of our ambitious plans. I hope that we'll be able to implement all of them with the help of our supporters without any obstacles. Join us, because establishing of the social justice is the key to a happy future.
Areas of activity
Judicial reform
Assisting in various aspects of judicial reform
Exchange of experience with partner countries
Cooperation and collaboration among experts
International Affairs
Participation in solving global problems
Work on social justice issues
Cooperation and exchange of experience with partner countries
Science and Education
Supporting students around the world
Improving the role of science in modern society
Supporting gifted children
Promoting Ukrainian culture and development of the international cultural cooperation
Providing the population with affordable health care
Cooperation and collaboration among health experts
Social sector
Finding solution to migration situation
Responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources
Democracy development and support
Check out our current projects. You might be interested in one of them. Let us know and join our team — we are always pleased with new ideas, support, and cooperation!
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