Creating of the Ukrainian International Financial Centre
International Financial Centers exist in many countries all over the world. They allow these countries to develop faster, to be some steps ahead in the way to the economic progress comparing to the others. For example, such financial centres as London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai are market mechanisms which control world cash flows, encourage investments in business, state infrastructural projects and also create new products. As a rule, they have more flexible regulations which help the entrepreneurs to decrease their costs for paying taxes and not to waste time for bureaucracy.

We consider it's necessary to create Ukrainian International Financial Centre. It'll provide economic stability and improve investment climate in Ukraine. We have already enlisted the leading international specialists for supporting the project. They have a great experience in this sphere in the International Financial Centres in the UAE and are ready to help Ukraine in creating the Financial Centre according to Dubai sample. We are ready to create the Financial Center with the help of the Government. Its main purpose is not only to create the new products but mostly to provide the comfortable conditions for their producing by providing institutional infrastructure that can be used by the entrepreneurs from around the world. They'll be able to solve legal disputes from any part of the world with the help of the UIFC by engaging the most experienced judges, to control their asset and invest to the new instruments.